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The Life of David: Volume One

The Life of David: Volume One

All good stories include similar key themes: love, war, courage, friendship, betrayal, loyalty, jealousy, loss, victory, defeat, character development. The story of King David, Israel's most influential king, includes all of these. We know more about David than almost any other figure in the Bible. What's impressive about David isn't his pedigree, but his faith and obedience to God, especially as that gets tested in the twenty-five years he waits for God's fulfillment of calling him as Israel's king. As we immerse ourselves in this first part of the David story-David's rise to power and Saul's concurrent decline-we can't help but find our own character challenged: making wise decisions when the stakes are high, working amidst severe opposition, and trusting, above all, in God's timing.

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