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How To Be A Good...

Am I good friend? A godly parent? Am I the kind of spouse, employee, church member or neighbor that God wants me to be? How can I live out Christian values as a citizen of this community? 

At any one time, each of us have multiple roles we're asked to play. Balancing these can be challenging. Success is often elusive. And it can be difficult to meet the widely varying expectations that others have of us in these very different roles. While it's tempting to think this struggle is a modern one, people throughout history have faced similar challenges. In this fall's sermon series, How to be a good..., we're going to look to the ancient, but remarkably relevant, wisdom of the Bible to see what God expects of us in seven key roles. Together we'll learn how we can find success in each role in ways that honor God and benefit others.

John Sommerville - Senior Pastor





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